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9/19/05 - After some major problems back in May we have finally be able to get this site up and running again. It took months to get Hoogle fixed to the state it was in, now we will be able to get some updates for the site done.

12/13/04 - As you can tell the trend has been nearly a year between updates. We finally have fixed the our problem with not having enough hosting space. With the hosting space we can now finally create the Video clip section that has been very long overdue. Alot of things have been added to the site as well as alot of things have been removed. This should be an interesting year for, enjoy this all new Hoogle 2005!

1/05/04 - The members section is comming along quite well. We are concentrating on that section for the time being. There will be more updates to the normal part of the site soon. One of our main plans is to change the look of the whole site. Thank you for your patients.

12/20/03 - As you can tell the games section has been restored. The banners are back, please help us out and click on one once and a while. We are still working on a new design, but these pages can easily be transfered to the new design. A "Members" section is being created. We are excited to finally be creating this section. We are going to need to remove some of the online games. Those games just kill the hosting space, they are just so huge. So we will delete the un-popular and crappy games. Please e-mail us the games that you think should be deleted or kept. Thanks!

10/11/03 - As mentioned on the main page, we are re-designing this site. The banners have been removed. The Game section has also been removed. The rest of the site will remain until a new design is created. Please keep telling your friends about we keep getting better. Thank you.

9/15/03 - Wow we have finally done an update. Stay tuned to we're about to get big!

6/26/2003 - We've gone through and just about rebuilt the entire site. All the galleries have been regenerated an "most" if not all of the double pictures have been removed. The Illusions Gallery was totally redone. The Sound Board Gallery was also totally redone and many new sound boards have been added. We finally have a NEW intro for the site! That old one was here from day one. I finally sat down and made a new intro. However I am no artist, I have no graphical talent. So I hope it is funny anyways. It has been nearly a year and we still don't have movie section uploaded yet. It is coming though. Remember folks if you have some pics or movies send them into us, we'll put them on this site for you. Also please tell your friends we are back up and running, and with awesome new fast hosting.

6/16/2003 - We're Back yet again. You will notice that this site now moves along faster. We have an awesome new hosting provider. There are a few links and stuff that arn't working properly, but they will be fixed real soon. This time we plan to stay up and running for good. Please help us out and click on a banner or two each time you get on. Those banners are what is keeping this website up and running. That is one of the reasons we went down is because we didn't make anything from those sponsors. We have also decided to remove some games from the online game section, there are some games there that are just pointless. And we are getting ready to impliment the movie section finally. Please let everyone you know, know that we are back up and running :)

2/15/2003 - You can now visit this website by going to The long promised movies and audio section is comming, it is a very long process to complete. We are alos looking into the speed issue, it was brought to my attention that the hosting service for hoogle is slow. More to come keep stopping in :)

1/26/2003 - Added Illusion Gallery #1 and Porn Section #2, as well as updated several pages. Also re-generated all galleries to fix the home link so that now works properly. Added a working Guest Book (finally). Our previous guest books didn't properly work. Still working on the movie and sound sections. We are also considering selling some T-shirts and things. Also for you folks that have a hard time remembering the .org we will also have a .com here soon. The .com won't be the same name, but it will be easier to remember. Expect the .com in a week or so.

1/22/2003 - Back online. We finally were able to get enough money and find a good host to bring Hoogle back online. New game section added and new gallery section added.

8/31/2002 - We got the feedback form finished and working. Also on the main page we added Google's search engine, and we removed a few of theose awful banners. We are thinking of running our own hosting, if we do we will have all the movies up and a ton more stuff on here. However this is a tough decission because the cost of maintaining the equipment here would be very expensive. We allready have the equipment, but it is well worn.

08/09/2002 - Finally finished and added the Font section. Currently working on the contact section. Soon we should have a simple form you can fill out to contact us easier. Also Hoogle was listed on about 40 search engines, and for some reason it isn't appearing on them. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

07/20/2002 - New look and design of is complete.  The old ugly Hoogle site has been deleted.  This entire site every single page has been redone.  Tons of new things have been added.  Hope you all enjoy what we have to offer.

07/19/2002 - Nearly finished the new look and style of Hoogle, this is the first message in the new news section.

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