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This will explain a little bit on how to properly navigate and also download from our galleries.

First lets explain the functions of the buttons:

Home Button takes you back to Hoogle's main page.

Index Button takes you to that galleries index pages

Next takes you to the next index page or next image.

Back takes you to the previous index page or previous image.

When you first select a gallery from the menu, that gallery will open. When you first open the gallery the page you are viewing is called the index page. While on the index page under the buttons you will notice that it tells you what number index page you are on. Each gallery has numerious index pages. so when you see:

Index 1 of 16

It means that you are on index page 1 and that there are 16 total index pages in that gallery. Pressing next will take you to Index 2 of 16. We're sure you get the idea how that works now.

Each Index page has several images on them. When you click on an image you now enter the Image pages. The image pages use the same buttons. ex.:

Image 2 of 226

This means that you are on Image page 2 and that there are 226 images total in the gallery. Pressing next will take you to the next image, and back will take you to the previous. If you click the Index Button that will take you back to the Index pages of the gallery. Home will take you back to Hoogle's main page.

Page 2 >>>

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