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About Us

Contact Us is owned and maintained by Xertle. This isn't a huge corporation or anything nearly close. Here's the story of how it all began:

The beginning:

I have always collected various pictures off the internet. Before I knew it my collection got huge. I wanted to make a site with a large archive of funny, crazy and nasty things. And I wanted the site to attract a lot of people and have an easy to remember name. My web design and flash skills aren't the greatest. But the more I learn the better this site gets. If anyone has any cool pictures they want to contribute and see on this site please send them to me and I'll put them on here.


Well this site didn't turn out the way I planned. It is a little skimpy at the moment and there are tons of areas I need to improve. The only two things blocking me from making this site one of the largest of it's kind are time and money. I have tons and tons more stuff for this site to improve it 5 times over. Slowly but surly in time it will be done.

How you can help:

There are tons of ways. The easiest way is to tell all your friends to check out And of course another way is to send us pics, wacky apps and stuff. However that way isn't really needed at the moment. We have tons more stuff all ready. We are new and it is going to take a little time for us to get the money to expand and become the way I initially visioned this site to be. I'm not trying to get rich or anything. I'm just trying to make an incredibly cool and large site and have it pay for it's self.

Where we are located:

New York State U.S.A. Despite what New York has been through it is still one of the greatest places to live.

Do we sell anything:

Nope not yet. T-shirts, bumper stickers and all that would be cool. It is possible that some day in the future we will offer these items.

Banner-less section: is now 100% banner free!


We would love to hear your request and suggestions. Just go to the Contact Us section and write us an e-mail.

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